Working at Adigo

Adigo strives to be an attractive employer and gives its employees great opportunities for development. With us there are opportunities to combine technology with business while taking personal responsibility for businessprojects. Our corporate culture and shared values ​​give the employees good guidance in the work. The company culture is based on business acumen and technical expertise combined with individual freedom and a willingness to take personal responsibility.

Addtech Business School

Addtech Business school is an important platform for disseminating corporate culture, develop business acumen and raise the level of professionalism among employees, Education overall purpose is to educate, train and motivate staff to become engaged and successful, but it is also to a considerable degree about creating commitment and building self-confidence. Business School courses offer employees training tailored to the experience and duties and is aimed at both new employees as senior management of the Group companies.

The purpose of Addtech’s Business School is to support employees in their professional and personal growth. 

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