One area of expertise - several industries

We are experts at electromechanical solutions within the product areas HMI, sensors, compressors, electric motors, switches and electric controllers.

Our solutions can be standard products from our selected suppliers or completely customized. Our knowledge reaches over many industries. 

Different usage – Broad knowledge

We have extensive experience of delivering different types of standardized and custom-made electromechanical solutions. Dealing with customers from multiple industries, such as vehicle, material handling, utility vehicles and medical technology makes us comfortable with different types of challenges.

An innovative partner with demanding customers

That we do business with multiple industries many of our customers see as a strength. We bring experience and ideas across usage areas, which makes us continuously grow and keeps us ahead of innovation in the field of electromechanical products.

We are a flexible partner that have the ability to be creative and offer guidance and development support through the entire process.

Regardless of industry, our customers are demanding. They have high expectations on our work, the product and ourselfs. We value a close relationship and are happy to visit our customers on site to get a clear idea of their needs and discuss different solutions. With our acknowledge in handling projects we can provide a high-quality solution quickly.