Policy for quality

Adigo Drives most important qualityissue is to interpret and comply our customers demand and expectations. Be a good partner to our customers and suppliers. We're going through responsiveness and commitment to meet our customers' needs.

  • We will create satisfied customers through flawless ontime deliveries.
  • Our Process will be continuously improved by measurable quality.
  • Current Legal requirements and compulsory standards are the minimum requirements for our business.

Enviromental policy

Adigo Drives main environmental goals is to support lifecycle approach focusing towards greater resource and energy conservation at supply of technical products and solutions. 

  • When the choice of products and shipments are made, we also take environmental performance into
  • We will continuously affect our staff and our suppliers to implement an open and dedicated environmental work.
  • Our environmental work will lead to continuous improvements to our business and its environmental performance.
  • Legal requirements and compulsory environmental standards are minimum requirements for our business.
  • We must minimize the generation of waste and prevent any risk of spills.