Contemporary solutions for next generation material handling

By delivering modern and smart solutions for electric motor drives and HMI, we help our customers to be more efficient in their material handling. Our electromechanical solutions are recognized by their efficiency and optimizes the operation of these applications. Contemporary solutions for next generation material handling.

Safe handling with reliable devices

Material handling is the process that moves, controls and stores different types of material. To handle the material in a safe way it takes reliable devices that needs minimum maintenance. You can find our solutions and products in different types of devices, such as driverless trucks, hoists, lifting devices, material trolleys and winches. We have the customer in focus and see every project as a unique challenge. We’re dedicated to gaining insight into your specific need.

Customized solutions for your needs

An optimal operation sometimes takes a customized solution. We have extensive experience of developing complete systems with electric motordrives, motor controls and regulators. Before delivery we recommend that the solution is tested, to avoid any complications during installation.

What’s your challenge?

At Adigo we prefer a challenge, big or small. To gain insight into our customer’s activities and daily challenges it helps us in the process to develop an optimizing solution. Our innovative team is always ready to take on new and exciting projects.