Electric actuator AO-4

The advantages of Adigo electrical actuators are that they have a low maintenance requirement, high position accuracy, high speed speeds and speed control capabilities.

We also offer a wide range of electric actuators that are an excellent alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and are found in many different applications, including furniture, automotive, packaging and automation industry. Our electrical actuators are used to automatically open and close windows, doors, gaps - with Adigo, nothing is impossible.  

• Motors with direct current 12÷24÷36 VDC
• Rod in stainless steel
• Maintenance free
• Standard-protection IP44
• Duty Cycle: S3 10% based on 10 minuti
• Operating temperature: -10C° ÷ +60C°

Upon request:
Increased IP
Customizable stroke and retracted lengh

Technical specifications

Product type Screw jacks