Electric motors and controllers for complex environments

To deliver solutions that are adapted to human environments have become one of our specialities. Our long experience brings an understanding of the high standards that medical solution technology need to have and we often take on the role as advisor to our customers.

We form relationships with our customers

By close cooperation with our customers we become a part of their production process, which is a huge advantage when we need to develop a sustainable and efficient solution. We learn what challenges and issues our customer faces and will be able to present the right solution. The case can be an electric motor unit for a patient lift or for a stationary x-ray equipment.

The customer’s vision to contribute to more efficient care is a guiding star in all the systems developed together with Adigo.
Our innovative solutions have contributed to several medical technology products.

Traceability down to the last screw

Our complex electric motors driveunits can be delivered with profound documentation, which gives traceability down to the last detail. That gives our customers the tools to act fast and efficient if the circumstances should require.

Contact us – We understand you!

The earlier in the process we are included, the better. Our team is always ready to accept new challenges. By putting us into your business, we create an understanding of your problems and become part of the production process. Step by step, we develop new solutions that put your products in motion.