Adigo are included in the Addtech business area - Addtech Power Solutions.

Addtech is a technology trading group that develops and sells components and systems to industrial companies and the service industry. The Group operates in approximately 130 subsidiaries with approximately 2,700 employees, primarily in Sweden. All companies strive to be market leaders in their niches. In addition to its own operations they are available in an additional 20 countries and exports to more than 20 countries and generates annual sales of approximately SEK 10 billion.  

Businessgroup with main focus in the Nordic countries

Addtech is based in the Nordic industry, but operates internationally. The emphasis is in Nordic countries, but the markets outside the Nordic countries have had a positive development and has increased in importance.

The companies held together by a corporate culture where business acumen and technical skills are central where the small company's flexibility, combined with the groups broad network and strong financial resources. Sales and trading of standard products is the base of operations, but the high technical expertise, long-term customer relationships and understanding of customers' businesses often lead to enhanced cooperation and the development of customized products and services.

Success factor: A small-scale approach on a large scale

Addtech combines the flexible, personality and efficiency of a small Company with the resources, network and long-term approach of a large business.

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