Products developed for you

To be able to deliver a standard solution we must have the product knowledge and the customer knowledge. To deliver a unique, customized solution takes innovation, competence in advanced technology and persistence.

There is nothing that makes us so excited that when a customer turns to us with a challenge. To develop unique and customized solutions is what we enjoy the most.

A proof that our concept works are all our long relationships we create with our customers thanks to our "Passion for motion"

Electromechanical solutions – for though demands

Nothing gets us so excited as when a customer comes to us with a big challenge. To develop unique, custom-made solution is without a doubt our favourite part of this job. If you have a big or a small business doesn’t matter. We want to cooperate with people that want to create something unique.

That we are used to the high standards of big international companies is an advantage to all or customers, big or small.

We’re present during the entire process

As an Adigo customer you can expect high quality in every delivery. Even if the lead times changes, we always stick to the same project process. We start with research about your business and needs. The next step is to present a plan, that can include a standard product or a customized solution, tailored for your needs. The last step is to build a prototype that is thoroughly tested before we put the solution in production.

We like to be involved in the innovation process as early as possible. We’ve learned that is how we get the best result, in close cooperation with our customers.