We will set your business in motion

Adigo offers products that develop and improves electrical drivechains and their usage in different areas. A bus receives a new gearchange panel, trolleys receives new driving engines and a forest machine gets new break and throttle pedal. 

Our products simply create movement in different ways.

Long experience of different fields

Whether it is about vehicles, medical technology machines, equipment to lift and move material or to optimize a feature, we can find or design the right product. Our experience in different areas makes us well equipped to determine which products are suitable for what request.

We have a wide range of standard products available that we use if it doesn´t compromise the result. Our aim is to always offer cost efficient solutions to our customers, whether it’s standard our custom-made.

Electric motors, HMI, sensors and much more!

In our standard assortment there are different types of electric motors, such as DC and AC motors and controllers for these. Our HMI products, pedals, regulators and displays are found in all different types of vehicles. Our sensors will help you control the movement in your forest machines or forklifts. AC-compressors will create a pleasant work environment in many different types of vehicles. 

Our customers have high demands on us, so we have high demands on our suppliers. Our assortment contains of carefully selected products from leading producers in mostly Europe and the U.S.

Unique solutions for complicated environments

Sometimes the standard components are not sufficient. To design our products to fit our customer’s needs is sometimes necessary. Or we will develop our own solution, just for you. Read more about our custom-made solutions here