Harjattomat Adigo Power Pack moottorit 45-48V

Adigo Power Pack consists of brushless, permanent magnet synchronous motor, and a fully integrated motor control and is specially designed to combine high performance with maximum efficiency for all low voltage (12 to 72V). With up to 6 kW and 15 Nm of torque at just 3.3 kg achieved an overall efficiency of 90%. Adigo Power Packs are capable of operating either as a motor or as a generator.

The ability to receive and process the most types of inputs means that the drives are compatible with a wide range of components. Adigo Power Pack is simple to integrate and eliminates the need for a separate motor. Adigo Power Pack comes with the user-friendly control software Motion Workbench allowing parameterization, analysis and simulation even in the intended environment. 

Rated Power: 3 kW
Max. Torque: 14 Nm
Max. RPM: 6000 / rpm
Voltage: 48 V
Weight: 3,7 kg
Cooling: Air/heat sink
 min. IP 67
Efficiency: 90%

Adigo Power Pack is available with output flange and shaft either IEC standard or for special dimensions. Contact us at 031-67 23 40 to get more information.