Harjattomat DC-moottorit CPM90

This compact CPM90 engine consists of a brushless engine and an integrated control unit with CAN communication that delivers superior engine efficiency while being extremely light and small thanks to its ultra compact and integrated design.

It has been designed for medium and heavy applications.
The engine offers efficiency up to 96% and helps reduce energy savings, as well as battery and operating costs. The power up to 6 kW in such a compact and lightweight construction saves space, facilitates assembly on lorries or terrain units and reduces weight. High power density is available for all low voltage applications: 24V to 48V, making it suitable for typical batteries. The versatile design of the CPM90 enables scaling and custom development from 500W to 20kW.T 
This unit can be operated either as an engine or as a generator, enabling a wide range of applications in power units and shafts.

Your advantages:

  • Reduces energy requirements 
  • Saves space and weight
  • No need for additional controller hardware